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Transpersonal Coaching

Transpersonal Coaching is a powerful method of Coaching that works with both the individual’s personality and her/his sense of true Self.
Indeed, this wonderful rich fusion enables the process of identifying one's existing or latent strengths whilst supporting their connection to their life and soul’s purpose.

The difference between Transpersonal Coaching and Counselling is that the latter tends to spend more time in delving into the individual’s past - at times a necessary ‘archeological’ exploration within the Depths of psyche - whereas the former focuses on the individual’s most inviting future - a ‘cosmic’ exploration within the Heights of the Psyche.

The practice of Transpersonal Coaching in a session entails both discussion and the use of cutting edge techniques to ground/manifest the individual’s potential in the “NOW” moment of their lives.
The Coaching sessions are thus more focused and purpose based than Counselling. Henceforth, the length of the ‘treatment’ will be shorter.
My fee is £60 and each session lasts 55 to 60 minutes.

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